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The Texas Supremacy of Music & Arts Conservatory


We realize and understand that companies today are carefully planning their corporate social responsibility; however, we are positive that spending your valuable resources on our programs will be one of the best investments for a more solid and hopeful future for the performing arts.


The Texas Supremacy of Music & Arts Conservatory

Why Donate?

Aligning your business with a well-respected, growing non-profit organization and writing off your donations,

Creating awareness of your corporate identity and portraying a positive image to your stakeholders, and

Providing a great opportunity for employee involvement Year-round promotional opportunities to others participating in the same cause.

Make a contribution to support our mission!

If you have any questions about The Texas Supremacy of Music & Arts Conservatory or would like more details about our operations, please do not hesitate to contact our Founder and President, Mr. William Allen, at

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